Oxidised Silver Jewellery


Significance of oxidised silver jewellery

Oxidised silver jewellery is different from traditional silver because of its darker shade. This oxidized metal comes in myriad patterns with or without stone work, delicate carving and enamelling to name a few. Oxidization creates a light and shadow effect in jewellery while making coloured stones on them stand out.These pieces have an old-world charm and traditional appeal and the darker shade gives it an antique jewellery look. They offer a fresh and novel demeanour in this world of shiny jewellery.

Oxidized jewellery has caught on in a big way and the antique look when combined with ethnic wear is considered fashionable. Younger age groups prefer good-luck charms, beaded necklaces and stacked rings of this material to look chic. This trend of sporting oxidized jewellery has spilled over into bridal fashions too.


How is oxidised silver jewellery made?

The process of blackening silver first took place around 1100 AD, when the method of refining metals was carried out. This was taken up to separate it from other impurities. Sulphur was used on the molten silver because of which the metal turned black.

When pure sterling silver jewellery is purposely exposed to air that contains sulphur, it turns dark. A compound, silver sulphide, is formed which creates black patches, giving the silver a dark-black finish, which results in pieces with a stunning vintage look. This is how oxidised silver jewellery is made today.


How to take care of oxidised silver jewellery?

Pure silver must generally be polished and cleaned regularly to keep it from becoming tarnished. This kind of jewellery should not be placed in areas where it might get exposed to large amounts of oxygen and should be placed in special silver storage containers to preserve it.

On the other hand, oxidized sterling silver jewellery will not be affected by the tarnish. In fact, the tarnish will allow the oxidized sterling silver jewellery to take on a more oxidized work. Thus, one doesn’t need to clean or polish oxidized silver that often. Also, oxidized silver jewellery should not be cleaned with jewellery cleaning dips or aggressive polishing that can strip the blackened surface.

However, it is of utmost importance to store oxidized jewellery away from sunlight when not in use. This is because direct sunlight is known to degrade the colour of silver over time.